Resonance of Fate Wiki

Following the opening cutscene, you'll appear on the front steps of a building. This is your home base and you will be returning frequently throughout your adventure to come.

You'll be informed that you can access a story mission from the Mission Memo screen, which you should go ahead and do immediately. There, you'll receive the first of many story missions, "Star from the Heavens", and you'll be able to begin your proper adventure

Main Mission[]

Star From The Heavens[]

Reward 25 Hunter Points, 25000 Rubies
Location Pater (Level 3 - Pater's Manor)
Objective "I would like you to visit the Cafe Chelsey on Level 4, collect a parcel from Sullivan, and then see that it is delivered to my home in Chandelier. However, my duties keep me occupied during the day, so I may see you only at night. I'm sorry, but please time your arrival accordingly."

As you exit your home base and proceed left, you'll enter into conversation with the Familiar Staffer. He tells you of a bulletin board posting. Head inside the guild and left toward the bulletin board. The Veteran Staffer will stop you briefly to explain the whole system. When that conversation ends, check the board to find an assortment of available new missions.

Travel to Café Chelsey, which will require that you make more of the map available to the northeast from town. When you arrive there, you'll receive the Attache Case and the Core Lift 1 Pass. Take the case to Pater's Manor in Chandelier, which you can reach by using the Core Lift 1. Make sure that you enter his home at night, as instructed, or you won't be able to meet with him.

Side Missions[]

Bridge Restoration[]

Reward 5 Hunter Points, 2000 Rubies, Escape Hex
Location Familiar Staffer (Level 4 - Ebel City)
Objective "Rainy Bridge is in need of urgent repairs, and everyone's up in arms over the blocked artery. We need someone to patch broken grids with Energy Hexes so that Rainy Bridge becomes usable again. Once you've confirmed the mission details, come see me. I'm the good-looking dude standing in front of the Guild."

Activate the hexes leading northeast from Ebel City. You should be able to do so using only two.

Lex's Knives[]

Reward 3 Hunter Points, 500 Rubies, Anti-Damage x3
Location Rose (Level 4 - Ebel City)
Objective "My son left something at home by accident, and I need someone to deliver it to him. You have to come see me first, though. I'll be waiting in front of the Guild. This is urgent!"

Once you talk to Rose in Ebel City (she will be near the guild, either on the ground level or on the slope just above it) and receive the Lex's Knife Set item, go to the world map and cross over the restored bridge to the northeast. There, you can enter the Core Lift 1 area. Lex is wandering around near the entrance, so talk to him and hand over the knife set to satisfy the requirements for this mission. You'll receive your reward immediately and the mission is complete

Pest Extermination[]

Reward 5 Hunter Points, 700 Rubies, Dot Sight
Location Allcott (Level 4 - Ebel City)
Objective "Could somebody please do something about the pack of Stray Curs roaming around on the other side of Rainy Bridge? So dangerous, they are!"

Northeast of Ebel City, past the repaired bridge, you'll find a red hex panel with an exclamation mark over it on the map. Entering it will immediately trigger a battle with several dogs. Defeat them to automatically receive your reward.

What the Maid Lost[]

Reward 3 Hunter Points, 1000 Rubies, Clairvoyance x3
Location Theresa's Maid (Level 3 - Theresa's Manor)
Objective "I seem to have dropped something and I'd like help finding it. I'll explain in more detail in person."

Head to Theresa's Manor, which is located just west of Pater's Manor. Near the entrance, you'll find a maid standing toward the left. Talk to her. She has lost a watch that she wants you to retrieve. You'll need to exit to the world map, then head toward Cardinal Jean Paulet's Manor. It's not accessible just yet, but you can travel to the lower right portion of the available map and set a hex there. You'll receive the Broken Watch, which you should then return to the maid at Theresa's Manor.