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Garigliano (ガリジャーノン Garijānon) is one of the Cardinals. His mansion in Chandellier reflects his desire to be surrounded by art.


Garigliano is a flamboyant and eccentric man.But also very worried tho P.M.F who has their request.


He has short, dark blonde hair, with a thin mustache and beard patch. He wears black jacket similar Rowen's, over top a purple shirt. In combat, he carries with him a large picture frame and a golden revolver.


In combat, Garigliano has several attacks. He carries a large picture frame and a golden revolver. Most of his attacks involve him holding the picture frame up to his head and body, and aiming through it with the revolver in an eccentric and comical fashion. Like Rowen, he can shoot up at the ceiling, causing bits of junk to rain down on his enemies.


  • Garigliano is voiced by Dave B. Mitchell in the U.S. and Norio Wakamoto in Japan
  • Someimes when you talk to Garigliano, he shouts, "Do you think me beautiful?!"
  • His japanese cast voice, Norio Wakamoto, its known by voicing Vega (M.Bison in USA) from Street Fighter series and, Cell from Dragon Ball Series