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You'll receive Lime Energy Hex x3 and Brown Energy Hex x3 as a cutscene concludes, then a new story mission as the chapter begins. The boss of this chapter is Storm Cannon.

Main Mission[]

Search for Sullivan[]

Reward 35 Hunter Points
Location N/A
Objective "Head to the Outer Wall of Level 1 and find Sullivan."

Travel up to Level 1, where you entered Aetersyl. In the same general area, you'll find the Outer Wall. A battle will ensue once you enter. Defeat those enemies and you'll appear on the Outer Wall dungeon map. Head to the back and enter the Sullivan's Manor Promenade area. Defeat the enemies in the first hex, prepare yourself for battle in the second hex, then enter for a boss battle. Defeat those enemies to complete the mission.

Side Missions[]

This Gun's For You![]

Reward 12 Hunter Points, 6000 Rubies, Z-40 Handgun
Location Anthony (Level 7 - Cranktown)
Objective "I'm looking for a young hunter worthy of inheriting one of my long-cherished firearms. Those who think themselves skilled... Those who consider themselves worthy should come see me!"

Travel to Cranktown and you'll find Anthony pacing around near the vending stalls on the street near the area entrance. He has a test for you. He wants you to find a Moonlight Gem from Mine 24 and a Human Fossil that is held by monsters in the Gran Idée Mines. Only when you have obtained both will he entrust you with his gun.

To find the Moonlight Gem, travel to Mine 24 on Level 11 and work your way toward the lower left portion of the hex grid map. The second space from the end of that long passageway includes a chest that you can open for the Moonlight Gem.

To find the Human Fossil, head to the Gran Idée Mines on Level 12. Travel through the mine until you come to the first intersection and continue into the dead-end room that waits there. Within that room, you'll find the Bone Collector enemy. He's a powerful foe, but you can defeat him as you would any other powerful monster. When he's taken care of, drop the Human Fossil. Take your items back to Anthony in Cranktown for your reward.

Winter Fashion Materials[]

Reward 8 Hunter Points, 2500 Rubies, MG L-Rail Barrel
Location Miranda (Level 4 - Ebel City)
Objective "There's a shortage of a certain material for winter wear. We're history if we can't get anymore. Won't someone, anyone, help gather the material for us?"

Talk to Miranda in her shop and she will ask you to obtain Hide x20 for her. You likely have that many and then some from battling throughout the world. Many monsters will drop it when defeated. Hand over 20 of the item to receive credit for completing the mission.

The Locked Trunk[]

Reward 10 Hunter Points, 5000 Rubies, HG S-Rail Barrel
Location Carlo (Level 7 - Le Chit-Chat Noir)
Objective "I lost my Locked Trunk somewhere on Level 12. I'm at my wit's end. It's irreplaceable. If found, please return it!"

Find Carlo at Le Chit-Chat Noir. He'll likely be standing in the left corner along the bottom of the screen. Talk to him and he'll reiterate that he's looking for a Locked Trunk item on Level 12. If you've explored that area, you very likely already received the Locked Trunk from revealing hex spaces along the map near the Gran Idée Mines. Once acquired, head back to Carlo at Le Chit-Chat Noir and hand it over for your promised reward.