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Following a series of cut scenes, you'll begin with a party consisting only of Zephyr. A new story mission is immediately available. This chapter, alongside Chapter 10: The Seminary, is one of the shortest in the game. The boss is Lagerfeld.

Main Mission[]

A Visitor from the Past[]

Reward 35 Hunter Points
Location Lagerfeld
Objective "The bridge that continues to this area. Let us meet there."

As Zephyr, you'll appear just outside of the home base. Equip the weapons that you'll need for a rough battle, then head out to the world map and head east to the unavoidable encounter on the west side of the Rainy Bridge. Win the battle and you'll complete the mission.

Side Missions[]

The Roadblock[]

Reward 10 Hunter Points, 5000 Rubies, HP Electrified Rounds + x25
Location David (Level 10 - Albona)
Objective "I took on a job I'm desperate to do properly, but there's a toughie along the way that I can't deal with. Can someone take out the Flare Yeti blocking the way to Dakota Vein on Level 9?"

Travel down to the Dakota Vein on Level 9 and you'll see a single red space with an exclamation mark over it. The Flare Yeti that you fight here should be a breeze and can be targeted immediately. Once defeated the reward for completing the mission will immediately be yours.

A Dyeing Request[]

Reward 10 Hunter Points, 4000 Rubies, Heat Protector
Location Miranda (Level 4 - Ebel City)
Objective "I'm making new outfits, but I can't dye them to the colors I want. I would rather close my boutique than put these out on the sales floor!"

Talk to Miranda in her shop. She wants you to find her an Iristone, which a specific monster carries. She's not sure which one. You can obtain the item by defeating the Vibrant Tar Man monster in the Freud Remnants located on Level 8. Once you arrive in that area, head to the Ruins Site East portion of the map. Battle through the first hex on the grid and when you reach the second one, you'll find yourself battling against the Vibrant Tar Man. When you win you will receive the Iristone item. Once you have it, take it back to Miranda to complete your quest and receive the promised reward.

A Beast on the Loose[]

Reward 5 Hunter Points, 2500 Rubies, High-Mount Elite
Location Pater's Maid (Level 3 - Pater's Manor)
Objective "Animal lovers, please help! Even if you don't like animals, please help if you can!"

Visit Pater's Manor on Level 3, then talk to the maid wandering around in front of it a time or two. She's looking for Pater's dog, Lassie Doo, who won't respond to anyone but the maid. The dog is loose in Chandelier somewhere, so your job is to find it and then report back to the maid. Head out to the World Map and ride the elevator up to Level 2. Then ride up one more level to Level 1. Travel to the Basilica and there you'll find Lassie Doo lying in a heap near the front steps. Talk to her and she'll whine, and then return to the maid at Pater's Manor with the news and you'll receive your reward for completing the mission.

Making Amends[]

Reward 8 Hunter Points, 10000 Rubies, Molotov Cocktail ++ x20
Location Pater's Maid (Level 1 - Basilica)
Objective "Exterminate monsters for me. Those that roam around the Tower of Righteous on Level 11. It's something I must see done before I die. I should see to it myself, but my frail body won't allow it. So I've readied the best reward I could. It doesn't matter who, wipe out those monsters for me."

Travel to the Tower of the Righteous on Level 11. As you arrive, you'll notice three red tiles with exclamation marks dangling over them. Eliminate monsters on all three of them to automatically complete the mission and receive your reward.