Resonance of Fate Wiki

You can earn Trophies on the PS3, or complete Achievements on the Xbox 360 while playing Resonance of Fate.

Title Description Gamerscore Trophy
First Contact Defeat Your First Enemy. 10G TrophyBronze.png
Maiden Mission Clear Your First Mission. 10G TrophyBronze.png
Bonus Hitter Land your first Bonus Hit on an airborn foe. 15G TrophyBronze.png
Tri-Attacker Do your first Tri-Attack. 15G TrophyBronze.png
Hundred Plus Club Raise one character's level to 100. 15G TrophyBronze.png
Bullet Barrage Successfully complete a combo of 500+ hits. 15G TrophyBronze.png
Resonance Miner Store over 20 Resonance Points. 15G TrophyBronze.png
Hero Actor Attack over 1.000 times while using Hero Actions. 15G TrophyBronze.png
Spite Monger Achieve over 100 Bonus Hits. 15G TrophyBronze.png
Extreme Spiker Achieve over 100 Smackdowns. 15G TrophyBronze.png
Professional Hunter Defeat over 3000 enemies. 15G TrophyBronze.png
Material Collector Destroy more than 3000 enemy body parts. 15G TrophyBronze.png
Thousand Pitcher Use Thrown Weapons 1.000 times. 15G TrophyBronze.png
Iron Fist Defeat 30+ enemies with only your fists. (unequip all weapons) 15G TrophyBronze.png
Big Shot Deal 2000+ damage in one attack. 15G TrophyBronze.png
Material Creator Fuse and scrap items over 200 times (Creating or scrapping multiple items counts as only one use) 15G TrophyBronze.png
Shopaholic Spend over 500,000 rubies on clothes. 15G TrophyBronze.png
Customaestro Connect over ten custom parts to one gun. 15G TrophyBronze.png
Basel's Repairman Clear half of the hexes that half on Basel's world map. 15G TrophyBronze.png
Four-Terminal Chain Connect four terminals at once. 15G TrophyBronze.png
Prologue Complete Complete the Prologue. 10G Prologue.png
Chapter 1 Complete Complete Chapter 1. 10G Chapter1.png
Chapter 2 Complete Complete Chapter 2. 15G Chapter2.png
Chapter 3 Complete Complete Chapter 3. 15G Chapter3.png
Chapter 4 Complete Complete Chapter 4. 15G Chapter4.png
Chapter 5 Complete Complete Chapter 5. 15G Chapter5.png
Chapter 6 Complete Complete Chapter 6. 15G Chapter6.png
Chapter 7 Complete Complete Chapter 7. 15G Chapter7.png
Chapter 8 Complete Complete Chapter 8. 15G Chapter8.png
Chapter 9 Complete Complete Chapter 9. 15G Chapter9.png
Chapter 10 Complete Complete Chapter 10. 15G Chapter10.png
Chapter 11 Complete Complete Chapter 11. 15G Chapter11.png
Chapter 12 Complete Complete Chapter 12. 15G Chapter12.png
Chapter 13 Complete Complete Chapter 13. 15G Chapter13.png
Chapter 14 Complete Complete Chapter 14. 15G Chapter14.png
Chapter 15 Complete Complete Chapter 15. 15G Chapter15.png
Game Completed Beat the game once. 15G Chapter16.png
A New Beginning Start a new playthrough. 15G TrophyBronze.png
Unison Assault Defeat two or more enemies in a single attack. 15G TrophyBronze.png
An Unfortunate Accident Take out your own character in an explosion. 15G TrophyBronze.png
Tera-Driver Load over a tera-bit of data from the disc. 30G TrophySilver.png
Disrespect Your Elders Awarded after defeating the Elderly Man. 30G TrophySilver.png
Basel's Liberator Open every hex in Basel. 30G TrophySilver.png
Challenge Conqueror Awarded for defeating the Last Line. (Rank 50, battle 3) 30G TrophySilver.png
Kings of Neverland Complete Neverland. 30G TrophySilver.png
The Legendary Hunter Complete every mission in game. 90G TrophyGold.png
Stardust Hunters Achieve a star in every rank of the Arena. 90G TrophyGold.png
Lap Two Complete Complete a second playthrough (continuing off of a complete save game file) 90G TrophyGold.png
Platinum Trophy Earn every trophy in Resonance of Fate (PS3 only) n/a TrophyPlatinum.png